Nature just a few steps away – a surprising day trip to Poleg Nature Reserve

"You are white and tall and swaying," sang the river to the tree, "And your leaves are touched with silver — but you never smile on me; For your branches murmur love songs to the sun- kissed turquoise sky, And you seem so far above me that I always hurry by!" . . . .

Poleg River Nature Reserve

If you feel like stretching you legs and combining nature with an urban vacation at the David Tower Hotel in Netanya, we recommend a splendid day trip to Poleg River Nature Reserve and Sha`ar Poleg Nature Reserve. These two are natural gems hidden between the urban landscape and the nature of the coastal plain.

The top essences of the reserve are the golden dunes to roll in, the blue sea, seasonal blossoms like the Crimson King`s, a hidden lake, short walking paths, and lovely corners. There is also a lovely hill on the route that you can climb and walk through to observe the green agricultural areas and the estuary of the Poleg River.

Poleg River Reserve is the heart of the city of Netanya, and the river bounder its southern side. The Poleg River drains the flow of rainwater from the Hamra hills of southern Sharon to the seashore. The reserve and the river itself are a natural habitat for stream vegetation, and for sand and limestone vegetation. Among them you can find the Sharon tulip, the Israeli Lupine and the Jaffa Groundsel. At the river`s estuary is a fenced site for the laying of sea turtles. Every year during the laying season, thousands of nature lovers travel to the estuary to witness the turtles break out into the sea.

Sha`ar Poleg Nature Reserve

Poleg River Reserve adjoins another unknown reserve, east of the coastal highway road – Sha`ar Poleg Nature Reserve. In Poleg River Nature Reserve you can see the amazing bloom of the Crimson King and other kinds of flowers. In Sha`ar Poleg Nature Reserve you can see the blooming of daffodils, anemones, cyclamen, hyacinth, orchids, and more (each flower at its blooming time).

This is an easy and pleasant day trip, especially for couples and families who like light trips. David Tower Hotel in Netanya offers its guests more information. You are welcome to contact the hotel`s reception.

So how to get there?

To get to the Poleg Nature Reserve (down the Poleg River) drive along the coastal highway road (Route 2). South of Netanya, turn west to the Wingate Institute. You can park in the parking lot at the entrance to Wingate, and take a walk at the reserve. To the Sha`ar Poleg Nature Reserve, drive along the coastal highway road. South of the Wingate Institute, turn east towards Kibbutz Yakum. There is a sign pointing to the reserve at the kibbutz entrance

As mentioned, it is possible to look in WAZE: Poleg Nature Reserve.

Dear guests, pay attention:
The information provided is a recommendation for the trip. Use of the information is the traveler’s responsibility. It is recommended to check the weather and updates on the website of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority before each trip. You can contact the center every day until 4:00 PM by calling *3639.